Epiphany Sunday 2015

Fruits of Salvation
The Angels collect our virtues
and good actions to offer them
to Jesus.
Bouasse Lebel 1085

Let us go with the shepherds and offer our hearts to the Divine Infant.
Bouasse Lebel, Paris pl 989
The 1st creche inaugurated by St. Francis of Assisi in Grecio, 1220: "O, my brothers, I wanted to delight your hearts by this great Mystery which should absorb all the thoughts of our spirit, all the affections of our heart: our God becoming man!"
from Life of St. Francis Letaille pl. 606

Be they small or large, 
all must be allowed 
to learn of Jesus in his crèche.
Bouasse Lebel 1334
Come. I wait for you.
Bring your gifts to the creche,
but above all leave your hearts there.

Devotion to the Infant Jesus.

Turgis, Paris
Consecration to the Infant Jesus
Holy Infant Jesus, I give you my heart ~ renew it at the crèche.

Our humility, our love, our sweetness are like Christmas roses we spread over the creche of divine Jesus.
Bouasse Jeune Pl. 1012

O, God Savior, 
on beholding Thee in Thy crib 
one on longer thinks of fearing Thee
but only of loving Thee.

The Mystery of the Love of Christmas"  "O ineffable Mystery, the King of kings comes to visit his humble creature.  O, Divine Infant, I possess you; my heart overflows with joy and love!

God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son. Bouasse Lebel  & Fils 1091
Jesus, my heart is thine. Bouasse Lebel 1049
There is no need of rich presents to please Jesus; 
a pure heart will satisfy Him. 
Bouasse Lebel 1087
At the feet of Jesus, let us unite our hearts to Heaven now and forever.
Boussse Lebel 4309
Fruits of Salvation The Angels collect our virtues and good actions to offer them to Jesus.
Bouasse Lebel 1085

O dear, O sweet Jesus, we love you with all our heart
Bouasse Lebel, Paris Pl. 3327
NOËL! NOËL!  The foxes have their dens, the birds of Heaven their nests, but the son of God hath not a place on which to rest his head. St. Luke 9:58  
Bonamy 59

Let us carry our offerings to the creche.
Turgis et Fils, Paris pl. 1020
Yes, my arms, my spirit, my heart will be the swaddling clothes of my beloved Savior.
~ handwritten in French on the back of this lovely hand made image 

My delights are to be among the children of men. Prov. 8:13
To Jesus I offer my talents.